Granite has been the top choice for countertops over the past several decades. It’s a durable, natural stone that lasts a lifetime and can be applied to any room you desire. As a kitchen countertop, floor tiles, bathroom vanity tops or as a surround for your fireplace, there are many uses for granite in your home. Modern or traditional decor styles, the diversity of options within granite products is endless.

One of a Kind

Granite brings a sense of luxury to any kitchen, or whichever room you decide to use it in. It can serve as a piece that blends into the background, or as the centrepiece of any room. Every slab is unique due to the natural stone and crystals that form it. The endless amount of possibilities available means that colours and patterns will vary greatly between pieces. However, because it’s a natural stone, don’t expect any crazy colour combinations. Earthy shades like black, white, gray, pink and orange are the most common among granite slabs, but on occasion, there will be pieces that contain greens, blues, and browns.


If you’re looking for a durable countertop, then granite is the way to go. It’s hardness guarantees that you’re more likely to damage your kitchen knives than the granite countertop itself. It’s also extremely resistant to scratches, high temperatures, staining and daily wear and tear, as long as it’s been properly sealed. If granite isn’t sealed annually, stains can become a permanent part of your countertops.

Caring for Granite

Regular maintenance is required with any natural stone. Granite sealants can be purchased at any home department or hardware store and are easy to apply, so there’s no need to call in the professionals. While keeping it stain resistant, sealants also prevent liquids from being absorbed into the stone. Beware of using acids directly onto the countertops, like cutting a citrus fruit. Use a cutting board at all costs, for the acid can create dull spots in the granite that can’t easily be shined up to the same extent as the rest of the countertop.

Cleaning granite is easy and doesn’t require any expensive or harsh cleansers. Just using a soft cloth, mild soap and warm water is enough to make your counters look brand new. There are also cleansers specific to stone that you can purchase but aren’t entirely necessary.

Overall, if you love the aesthetics of a unique granite countertop that requires the tiniest amount of care, then you’ve made your decision. And at Quantum Granite Corporation, we’d love nothing more than to set you up with the finest products. We’re a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in fabricating and installing countertops for builders, contractors and homeowners. Located in Northern Alberta, we service Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Grand Prairie, Lloydminster and all surrounding areas. Quantum Granite offers granite, engineered quartz and marble products that are directly imported to us with no middleman involved. We offer high- quality products with a wide colour selection and guaranteed low prices. Call us to book a free in-home measurement.