For homeowners, there comes a time you start thinking of doing a home renovation or home improvement project. What follows that thought is a whole lot of “what ifs?” It may be that you wish to do a kitchen renovation project that will completely transform the space’s style and functionality. You may be needing to add an extra bedroom to the main floor or above the garage. Or maybe your bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 70s, and it’s time for a makeover. No matter what type of project have, you must have been spending a while thinking and daydreaming about it. But how do you start?


Doing a remodel on your house, big or small, is a great way to get more use out of your space as well as add your home and resale value. Updating things so that they are functional and modern, but not too trendy, will mean that you can live in the space for decades to come, or sell your home at top dollar without having potential buyers negotiate down the price.


So to begin, put a plan together and stick to it. To start, decide what rooms of your home you are thinking of remodelling. Whether you are doing a kitchen renovation, a bathroom renovation, working in the bedroom or living and dining area, you have to decide what you are doing and not stray so that you can stay in budget. Once you know the parameters of your renovation it is time to contact renovation contractors. They will be able to give you a quote depending on what you are looking for. Shop around and get a feel for what the budget should be before deciding to go with a specific reno team.


Talk to the contractor you decide to go with, as they will be able to take you through what to expect. They are the experts, and they will be able to recommend a variety of solutions, such as what kind of countertops would work best for your lifestyle.


Once you have your scope, budget and expectations set out you can start deciding on how the space will be altered. This process is done with your reno team as well as on your own. You have control over how the space will look, things like electrical or plumbing changes always being left to the professionals. Look through websites and your local home improvement store to find inspiration and decide on what products, colours, floors, tiles, and paint you want to put into your new home. These elements of room design are all up to you.


Whether remodelling master bathroom, your kitchen, family room or any space, planning things out will mean that your project comes together faster. If you’re going to be redoing your kitchen or bathroom, then you will want to contact us at Quantum Granite Corporation. Our granite and quartz countertop solutions are just what you need to have a functional space that you will love to look at. Contact us today and we will get started on your dream remodel.