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Why Choose Quantum Granite Corporation for your New Countertop?
Our Company offers Quality, Experience, Customer Care and Craftmanship that no other company can provide in Alberta.

We take every step needed to go above and beyond your expectations providing timely delivery and installation of High-Quality Products. Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!!

1. Which is better, Granite or Quartz?
We at Quantum Granite Corporation, feel that both are excellent products for countertops and other applications. Natural stone has the uniqueness and natural beauty that man cannot duplicate. Quartz on the other hand has the consistency that granite does not. Both will last a lifetime.

2. Why are natural stone tops sealed?
Sealing is a common step taken on some stones as an extra precaution against staining. The natural stone is sealed with a silicone based sealer to help prevent staining and also water infiltration into the stone. On the other Hand, Quartz does not need to be sealed.

3. How often do we have to re-seal?
We recommend to our customers seal their tops annually.

4. How should I clean my natural stone tops?
We recommend that you clean your natural stone tops with anti-bacterial soap and water. There are natural stone cleaners that you can buy, but we feel anti-bacterial soap and water is the best.

5. Will my granite countertop have visible seams?
Most granite installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, we will try to minimize the number of seams required.

6. What is the time frame of a Kitchen counter installation?
The average kitchen takes approximately four hours to install.

7. Which forms of payment do you accept?
Our method of payment is check; however, we do accept Visa and Master card as well.

8. How long does it take to get my granite countertops?
Once the templates are made, and under normal circumstances, it could take 1-2 weeks. However, there are some things to consider before we can give you a timeframe

Every single job is different.

Also, the availability of faucets/cooktops/sink on-site during the templating step is one of the delays we usually encounter.

Keep in mind that it could take from 4-6 weeks to get your delivery when placing orders on-line or even in a few stores in town