Countertops can make or break the look of your kitchen. You need to select it with care. If you are thinking of renovating or home construction, you may want to consider natural stone countertops for durability and a distinct look.

Natural elements are not produced with a cookie-cutter formula. Each natural stone is an original work of art. Stones come with their own colour, texture, speckles and veins that give your kitchen a unique character that will last as long as your home does. They do need good care to keep them in good condition all that time. Sealants can prolong the life of some stone countertops. The best thing about natural stones is that it is unaffected by heat, unlike wood, laminate or engineered stone. For removing stains from untreated stone surfaces, below are a few valuable tips from countertop experts at Quantum Granite Corporation.

4 Ways to Make Your Stone Countertop Last as Long as Your Home

Natural stone is available in a wide variety of materials such as granite, quartz, marble, limestone and slate. The stain resistance power of each is dependent on its colour and texture.

Natural stone comes in a spectacular range of colours but even the darkest hues are not stain-proof. The resistance of granite countertops depends on its chemical makeup and microscopic fissures that were natural formed millions of years ago. To help them stand up to spills and stains, you need to clean immediately. For tougher stains, wash with mild kitchen detergent and water. Wipe dry with a clean microfibre cloth.

Placemats and Coasters: Never place hot containers directly on your natural stone countertop. Place them on a trivets and pot holders to protect the surface. The same goes from acidic beverages such as alcohol or juice which should be placed on mats or coasters to prevent spills and stains. Place food on placemats to protect from spills and drips.

Clean before Sealing: Some natural stone countertops require occasional sealing. Use sealing to clear out trapped dirt and debris that can damage the stone. Clean the stone with warm water and a dishwashing liquid from time to time.Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaning products and scouring pads as they often contain silicon carbide that can cause scratches. Never use disinfectants like bleach and ammonia or even vinegar as these can ruin the surface. Cleaning with baking soda and glass cleaners are not recommended either.

Wipe Spills Instantly: Don’t let spills and stains sit on natural stone surfaces for too long. Get into the habit of cleaning them instantly. Tough stains such as orange juice, lemonade, wine, tomato sauce, yogurt, salad dressing, and food colours can permanently damage natural stone finishes.

Routine Professional Cleaning: Have professionals regularly seal your natural stone countertops to keep your investment in the best condition.

Quantum Granite Corporation for Installation and Maintenance of Stone Countertops

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