Marble countertops are a classic look that will never go out of style. While many people think that marble is just too luxurious or ostentatious for them, marble is truly elegant and timeless – coming in so many natural varieties that there is sure to be one to match your personal preferences. There are many advantages to buying marble countertops for your kitchen or bathroom over other natural stones and human-made products. Here are six great reasons why you should consider marble.

Marble is a naturally occurring stone and is very resistant to a variety of mishaps. This includes scratches, cracks, and breaks that may occur in other countertop materials. While highly durable and able to stand up to all your needs, it is softer than granite, which actually enables designers to create fancy edges and other interesting design elements that are difficult to achieve with granite.

Heat Resistance
Marble is beloved by chefs and bakers for its abilities to stay cool. It is the ideal surface for rolling out pastry and is even cooled and used to make ice cream on at some ice cream parlours. While great for any activity that needs a cold surface, marble is also very heat resistant. It does not catch fire, burn or scorch. While you should still try to protect its finish by placing hot pans on pot holders, it will not damage the marble if you need to set something hot down in a rush.

Distinct and Unique
Almost all quartz available on the market mimics marble, to varying degrees of success. This is because marble has a distinct and attractive look that is very appealing in kitchens and bathrooms. Each piece of marble, however, is unique, as no two stone formed in the exact same way. Having a marble countertop means that you have a countertop that is utterly unique to you. All the perfect imperfections and marks are one-of-a-kind and will flatter your kitchen or bathroom uniquely.

Marble does appear expensive, but in comparison to other natural stones it can be quite affordable. It does depend on how thick the marble is and where it was sourced from and how it was processed, but you can find very affordable marble that you will love.

Marble can truly withstand the test of time, and if it is properly installed, sealed, and maintained, then you will never have to replace your countertop again. If you select a marble that can easily be transformed during renovations, then there is no need to replace it while you own your home.

While not having the same variety with quartz, there is a still a lot of selection when it comes to marble countertops. There is white, cream, black, red, brown, pink, yellow, and green marble, all naturally occurring and stunning in your home.

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