Are you about to renovate your kitchen and want to deck it out with the latest trends? Then this guide will help get you started, with six countertop designs that have been trending throughout 2018, and will continue on for years to come.

Waterfall Islands

This sleek and contemporary look that will last for years to come. Waterfall islands will definitely raise your kitchen renovation budget, depending on what countertop material you choose and whether you want one large piece so any texturing or patterning flows together over the side. However, it’ll be the shining star of your entire kitchen. In an open concept room, this countertop style can act as a subtle room divider.

These counters are typically made from three-centimetre thick stone, expertly mitered for a seamless look. But not every stone fabrication shop has the right tools to create this seamless effect, so look into that before hiring anyone.

Mitered Edges

Thicker countertops that are between 2 ⅕ and three inches thick are on trend this year. For materials like granite and quartz slabs that don’t come in those thicknesses, professionals need to produce mitered edges. This is achieved by industrially gluing two 1 ¼ inch slabs together using a strong epoxy material. It’s then polished without rounding the corners and installed to give your kitchen a modern look.

Simple Edge Detailing

For a minimalistic, contemporary interior design, simple edging to your countertops is in high demand. Homeowners will usually choose this clean, straight-edged style, or go for a pencil edge, which is cut on a slight angle. This creates a slanted edge that softens the outer perimeter of the countertop. Both come with the advantage of being sleek and simple, without risk of going out of style.

Ornamental Edges

The opposite of simple, ornamental edging on a countertop requires a high level of stone craftsmanship and a CNC cutting machine to achieve such detail. A lot of customization options are available with this trend, allowing it to be altered to better fit your decor style, whatever it may be. A double-thick countertop is needed for this process and while expensive, ornamental edges create a focal point in your kitchen.

Marble Countertops

White kitchens and even whiter marble countertops are in high demand this year. While high maintenance and expensive, it hasn’t stopped people from making it one of the top countertop materials. And if white countertops aren’t your cup of tea, marble comes in a vast amount of earthy shades.

Marble-like Quartz

If you want the marble look with the durability and low maintenance that comes with quartz counters? Then the best solution would be to purchase a white engineered quartz slab with light gray veining throughout. Many quartz brands have options available to customers looking for this specific look to complete their modern kitchen.

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